eStandards Final Conference

Standards and profiles in action for large-scale eHealth deployment in Europe and beyond

June 26-27, 2017 Brussels


Monday June 26, 2017
10:30-11:00 Welcome Address
Co-chairs: Geert Thienpont (RAMIT vzw) & Catherine Chronaki (HL7 Foundation)
  • Tapani Piha, European Commission, DG SANTE
  • Christoph Klein, European Commission, DG CNECT
11:00-12:00 eStandards Project: introduction and objectives
  • Overview of the eStandards vision and achievements, Catherine Chronaki
  • What is the eStandards roadmap and how you can help shape it? Robert Stegwee
12:00-12:45 eStandards coCreation-Governance-Alignment (CGA) framework, Petra Wilson
12:45-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 The Health System & Market perspectives
Co-chairs: Vincent van Pelt & Manne Andersson
eStandards Guideline for eHealth Interoperability practitioners: today’s best practice, Vincent van Pelt
13:40-14:00 Lighting Interventions :
  • Stephan Schug, EHTEL
  • Karima Bourquard, IHE Europe
  • Valentina Lisi, HOPE
  • Pantelis Angelidis, Vidavo
14:00-14:45 Breakout session
Rapporteurs: Stephan Schug, Karima Bourquard, Pantelis Angelidis, Vincent van Pelt
How do we move from current best practices to eStandards for digital health?
14:45-15:00 Feedback from Rapporteurs and Discussion
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-17:00 The Citizen & Workforce perspectives

Co-chairs: Dipak Kalra and Morten Bruun-Rasmussen
How can we create, develop, use, and quality test health data to transform the health sector?
How health data can mediate and improve communication for patients and their health team?

Content Creation and Quality Management for Interoperability Testing, Dipak Kalra and Morten Bruun-Rasmussen

15:40-16:10 Lighting Interventions :
  • Celia Boyer, HON
  • Mary Cleary, ICS, JAseHN
  • Michael Johansen, MedCom
  • Michael Noehammer, Austrian Chamber of Physicians
  • Ines Hernando, COCIR
  • Vincent van Pelt for Bert Mulder, Haagse Hogeschool
16:10-17:00 Discussion
19:00 Invited Dinner: KWINT, Mont des ARTS 1, Brussels
Tuesday June 27, 2017

Welcome – Summary of Day #1 - Dedication of eStandards Roadmap
Co-chairs: Catherine Chronaki and Robert Stegwee
Marcel Heldoorn,
Dutch Patient Federation


Roadmap objectives for the four Focus Areas, Robert Stegwee and Petra Wilson

09:30-10:45 Identification of medicinal products Roadmap Focus Areas
Co-chairs: Shirin Golyardi, Christian Hay, Jos Devlies

What are the next steps in the identification of medicinal products and how do we take them?
How can we bridge regulatory side of medicines with the clinical world of health care delivery?

Introduction to the Identification of medicinal products Focus Area, Christian Hay, Jos Devlies

09:40-10:00 Lighting Interventions :
  • Elena Petelos, Public Health Specialist and Regulatory Expert
  • Manne Andersson, Swedish eHealth Agency
  • Jos Devlies, Custodix
  • Christian Hay, GS1
09:50-10:30 Breakout Session
Rapporteurs: Elena Petelos, Shirin Golyardi, Christian Hay, Jos Devlies
What are the urgent CGA actions moving forward? What are the artefacts that we need to focus our attention?
10:30-10:45 Discussion: Findings and Synthesis
10:45-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:30

Patient Summary for Emergency or Unplanned care Roadmap Focus Area
Co-chairs: Stephen Kay, Giorgio Cangioli, Karima Bourquard, Vincent van Pelt
How can the patient summary be used productively for emergency or unplanned care, serving as a window to a person’s health data?
Introduction to the Unplanned and Emergency Care Focus Area. Giorgio Cangioli, Stephen Kay

09:40-10:00 Lighting Interventions :
  • Marcello Melgara, eHDSI Member States Expert Group Semantic Task Force Organization WG & LISPA
  • Christof Gessner, eHDSI Member States Expert Group Semantic Task Force Architecture WG & Gematik
  • Karima Bourquard, IHE Europe
  • Vincent vanPelt, NICTIZ
  • Catherine Chronaki, HL7 Foundation
  • Michael Noehammer, Austrian Chamber of Physicians
  • Mary Cleary, ICS & JAseHN
11:30-12:15 Breakout Session
Rapporteurs: Stephen Kay, Marcello Melgara, Christof Gessner, Mary Cleary
How can patient summaries delivered in the eHDSI will be protect all European citizens?
What are the artefacts that we need to focus our attention?
What are the urgent CGA actions moving forward?
12:15-12:30 Discussion: Findings and Synthesis
12:30-13:00 Lunch

Chronic Disease Management Roadmap Focus Area
Co-Chairs: Robert Stegwee & Catherine Chronaki
How do we bring the chronic disease patients at the center of their care to work towards their life goals with support from their health team?
Introduction to the Chronic Disease Management Focus Area, Robert Stegwee

13:10-13:30 Lighting Interventions :
  • Pantelis Angelidis, VIDAVO
  • Camilla Torlasco, ESH
  • Estelle Huchet, AGE Platform
13:30-14:15 Discussion
14:15-14:30 Coffee Break

Rare Disease Networks Roadmap Focus Area
Co-chairs: Petra Wilson, Victoria Hardley & Zoi Kolitsi
How do we connect the rare disease networks creating value and economies of scope that benefit research and patient communities?
How patient summaries would make sense for rare disease networks?

Introduction to Rare Disease Network Roadmap Focus Area, Petra Wilson & Victoria Hardley


14:40-15:00 Lighting Interventions :
  • Zoi Kolitsi, eHealth Strategist
  • Victoria Hardley, RD-Action
  • Suzanne Hollmann, CHARM
  • Michele Thonnet, JAseHN, eHN
  • Dipak Kalra, EuroRec
15:00-15:45 Discussion
15:45-16:15 Policy perspective: Michele Thonnet, Tapani Piha, Manne Andersson
SDO perspective: Robert Stegwee, Catherine Chronaki, Charles Parisot
What policy initiatives can change our ways of working with eHealth interoperability practitioners to make sure that large-scale eHealth deployment can take place in a sustainable way?
How do we make sure that we benefit from digital health tools in standardization in terms of collaboration, implementation and deployment?
How do we ensure collaboration and coCreation across initiatives, both as SDO’s as well as from a policy perspective?