eStandards organises a tutorial during the "Informatics for Health 2017" event

Tips and Tricks for your next digital health project:

How to develop clinical content specifications and achieve interoperability

Saturday April 22, at 13:00-16:00, Hilton Doubletree, Manchester

In this tutorial, the audience will explore the eStandards clinical content development guideline and quality management system for interoperability testing. Real examples from the national context of Denmark, Norway, the UK, and Europe as a whole will be the topic of hand-on exercises.

Why this is an important topic?

The emerging data driven economy has a strong impact on health care. Precision medicine, population health, learning health systems are keywords that aim to capture the potential of using clinical data in health care for higher quality, access, and productivity in healthcare. However, for this promise to materialize, developing interoperable clinical content specifications and standards of high quality is of paramount importance.

eStandards has developed a guideline for clinical content development and a quality management system for interoperability testing. In a hands-on workshop the audience will explore the guideline through real examples from the national context of Denmark, Norway, the UK, and Europe as a whole.

eStandards is an initiative bringing together Standards Developing Organizations, competence centers, and health care experts with the vision of a global eHealth ecosystem where people (digital natives and immigrants) receive timely safe and informed health care, anywhere around the globe interoperability assets fuel creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. In this global ecosystem eStandards, standards for the digital age, nurture large-scale eHealth deployments & strengthen Europe’s voice and impact enable co-creation on a trusted provider-vendor dialog on costs, plans, and great expectations.

What you will learn?

Acquaint yourself with the changing landscape of clinical content development
Learn about the best practices that can accelerate and sustain solutions that works in your next eHealth project:

  • Where you can find interoperability assets for your next eHealth project
  • How to build a structured value lists which supports the clinical needs
  • How you can relate to standards development organizations and competence centers
  • Understand the eStandards guidelines for content specification development, validation, and quality management in interoperability testing based on world accepted best practices
  • The attendees will learn how to divide complex eHealth use cases for sharing data across organizations into manageable components and how to incorporate quality management for Interoperability Testing.

What is the tutorial Structure?

Introduction to the tutorial
Setting the stage: eHealth European Interoperability Framework, Use case templates
National Programs:

  • Discharge record: Professional Record Standards Body, UK
  • Core Record: Norway
  • Patient Summary: cross-Europe
  • Appointment Booking: Denmark

Guidelines for clinical content development
Quality Management for Interoperability Testing

Who should consider attending?

Researchers, health professionals and engineers who work with implementing health data standards across organisations.

What is the duration of the tutorial?

The tutorial is planned for 3 hours.

Who are the instructors?

The instructors will be:

Dipak Kalra is President of EuroRec and responsible for development of the eStandards guideline for clinical content development.
Morten Bruun-Rasmussen is a Senior Partner with MEDIQ involved in profiling international standards and Quality Management for Interoperability Testing in Denmark.
Philip Scott is the chair of HL7 UK and is the technical assurance lead for the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB).
Catherine Chronaki who is the scientific coordinator of the eStandards project, which aims to deliver a roadmap for collaborative standards development for large scale adoption of interoperable solutions in eHealth.
Eirik Nikolai Arnesen is a physician working as a special advisor on e-health policies and projects in the Norwegian Medical Association. I have 10 years of experience on e-health, including being medical responsible for the development of the Norwegian summary care record (Kjernejournal) and the alert information model, and participation in different development and implementation projects in Oslo University Hospital.

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