Public consultation of eStandards deliverables - D2.2.: Guideline: How to harmonise & establish selected clinical content for eEIF use cases

Dear colleagues,

As the focus of interoperability in healthcare increasingly emphasises the importance of exchanging clinical information, often between EHRs, there is a corresponding need to grow our collective portfolios of clinical content standards. These standards need to be cocreated with domain experts, and be trusted by them, so that they can confidently rely upon the quality and semantic interoperability of clinical data coming from other systems.

eStandards has consulted with several example standards, profile and other specification development organisations, and other projects and initiatives, on the processes they currently use to develop clinical content assets. From this we have derived a generalised methodology, which is published as a content development guideline for organisations such as yours. Although initially targeting the clinical content required for eEIF use cases, we believe that this guideline should have wider applicability for the development of new areas of clinical content and for the harmonisation of existing clinical content specifications.

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This document will inform a subsequent eStandards deliverable on recommendations, and will inform our promotion activities of good practice in the interoperability of clinical content. We thank you for your comments.