WP # WP Title Lead # Short Name PMs Start Month End month
1 Co-ordination, Management and Quality Assessment 1 RAMIT 6 May 2015 Apr. 2017
2 Quality in Interoperability: Contribution to the EU eEIF 6 MEDIQ 10.25 Aug. 2015 Jan. 2017
3 Develop Roadmap for Aligning SDO Activities 3 NEN 16.5 May 2015 Apr. 2017
4 Support Large-scale eHealth Deployment 7 OFFIS 12 Aug. 2015 Feb. 2017
5 International Standardization Activities, EU-US MoU 2 HL7 8.5 May 2015 Apr. 2017
6 Socio-economic aspects of standards-driven eHealth interoperability 4 IHE-EUR 7 Aug. 2015 Dec. 2016
7 Global vision, Local Insight: Networking, Liaison, Stakeholder Engagement 5 EuroRec 8.5 May 2015 Apr. 2017
  Total Months 68.75    

eStandards has put together a very ambitious work plan for 24 months. It aimed to establish a case for formal standardization (month 6), to deliver an initial roadmap for essential standards development (month 9), to launch groups of studies in four areas eEIF (WP2), large scale eHealth deployment (WP4), Global Standards, international collaboration, EU/US MoU (WP5) and Socioeconomic aspects (WP7). The results of these studies, i.e. a guideline for harmonization of clinical content (WP2), a guideline for a coexistence of competing standards in large scale eHealth deployment (WP4), progress with the EU/US MoU on the development of an international standard for patient summaries (WP5), and a report on the role of tools and language to improve the user-vendor dialog (WP6) will be integrated in the 2nd iteration of the roadmap. Two eStandards Conferences will frame our efforts.

The 1st eStandards Conference, organized by CEN/TC251 along with the European eHealth Summit on Standards and Specifications during the first 6 months of the project, has presented our case for formal standardization in eHealth deployment, and the 1st eStandards Roadmap for essential Standards Development: Strategic Options and Policy Instruments, and the intended studies for establishing the evidence-base. The 2nd eStandards Conference, organized by EuroRec close to the end of the project, presented the 2nd version of the roadmap and discussed options for stewardship and sustainability of the effort. The figure below presents graphically the relation of WPs focusing on the communication of information. As small number of deliverables has been denoted with an ‘E’, these deliverables for which endorsement will be sought for other SDOs and stakeholders.

Although the effort is led by CEN, IHE, and HL7, several SDOs including ISO, GS1, IHTSDO, etc., user group, and professional organizations such as IMIA, have expressed their support and have indicated a person to actively participate. Should eStandards be retained, WP7 shall seek to develop liaison with all of them.